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We do not retain local copies of Region 5 forms, as that is a bad IM practice. Look for these forms at Region 5:

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Administrative Calendar of Section Requirements

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Source: Region 5 Officer Training Manual.



Submits Section Financial Statement for the year ending December 31 in time to be Received in IEEE Operations Center by February 1.


Nominations Committee:

  • Reports on names of candidates for Section Offices.
  • Announces nominations to all voting members of the Section in time to allow a minimum of 28 days for nominating by petition before nominations are closed.
  • Completes slate of candidates, including names of eligible candidates submitted by petition (in accordance with the Section Bylaws) to be presented to the voting Section members.

(The timing of these actions is governed by the Section Bylaws.)



Reports all meeting activity of the Section, Subsection and Chapters for the past calendar year must be received in IEEE Operations Center by February 1. (Rebates for meeting reports are based on the meeting records for the proceeding calendar year.)



Submit reports.



  • Presides over first Section Executive Committee Meeting.
  • Formulates plans for the coming year (technical, non-technical, social).
  • Completes appointments of all Section Committee Chair and Section Representatives.



Oversees Preliminary Budget Approval.



Reports names and addresses of Section Committee Chair and Chapter Chair to IEEE Operations Center.


Program Committee:

Program of Section, Subsection and Chapter meetings for the coming year, including speakers, to be practically completed by this month.



Vice Chair or Secretary:

  • Completes master Calendar of all Section Activities for the coming year, including all Section, Subsection and Chapter meetings.
  • Determines that the Section, Subsection, and Chapters have held or will hold minimum number of meetings for the calendar year (five for Sections, five for Subsections, two for Chapters).




Attends Regional Committee meeting generally called at the start of the fall season by the Regional Director.



Receives second half of rebate payment from IEEE Operations Center for review and Deposit. Oversees Final Budget approval.




Considers appointments to the Nominations Committee for next year's Section Officers. (In some cases, the Nominations Committee is a Standing Section Committee.)

IEEE solicits names of candidates recommended for IEEE elective offices and for appointments to Institute Standing Committees and Boards.




Receives names of newly elected Fellows from IEEE Operations Center. Makes an arrangement for honoring new Fellows in the Section at an appropriate ceremony during the first quarter of the coming year.




  • Appoints Nominations Committee with approval of Section Executive Committee.
  • Determines that all Chapters established within the Section have plans for holiday elections.
  • Sends to IEEE Operations Center names of candidates nominated for IEEE elective offices.




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