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Dinner meeting reservation procedure, IEEE Kansas City Section


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Dinner Meeting Reservation Procedures

Last updated 25 JAN 2012.



Set up your meeting at You just need your IEEE Web access to use this.

Using Registration Information

  1. Create  pre-printed nametags.
  2. Create a sign-in sheet for use at the meeting.
  3. E-mail the sign-in sheet to your treasurer or whoever is taking registration money at the meeting. Do so on Tuesday.

Contacting the Host

  1. After the Friday noon deadline has passed, call the Hilton at 913-345-2661 and ask for the Sharon. If she is not there, ask for Thomas.

    Your host will need an exact headcount. You and s/he will need to decide on the seating arrangement, based on the number of attendees.
  2. It is unacceptable to call repeatedly with addendums to the headcount. A single addendum Thursday morning is a good practice. If you have significant changes, notify the host only once each day. This will help  if the host needs to change the seating or make other accommodations for us, but calling for one or two people is not helpful. The more we help the host, the better job the host can do for us.

Notes for Success 

  1. Understand that people normally call an hour after the deadline, or the day after. Use good judgment, but generally, they have missed the deadline and are not entitled to the registration discount.
  2. Because the presence of a physical nametag may help when sorting out who gets the discount, you may not want to print nametags for late registrations—if a physical nametag makes no difference to the person collecting the money (this may be you), print it out.
  3. Print attendee name tags—but don’t wait until the last minute to do so. E-mail an updated attendee spreadsheet to your treasurer.
  4. Arrive 30 to 60 minutes before the dinner meeting, with the nametags and registration list/sign-in sheet.

Notes for Treasurer

  1. Treasurer: Ensure you have a receipt book! And you will get unregistered attendees. Let unregistered attendees know they need to see you right after the presentation if they want to get the differential refunded to them. There is a possibility, because of no-shows among those who registered. No guarantees.
  2. Treasurer: you will sign the check for the dinner meeting. Make sure you compare Wyndham’s headcount with yours. Resolve any differences politely!



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Last updated January 25, 2012 .