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We do not retain local copies of Region 5 forms, as that is a bad IM practice. Look for these forms at Region 5:

  • Expense Report
  • Financial Tracking

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Treasurer's Report

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Additional resources

See the BIC home page

Business Information Center: Report Submission

The act of submitting a report is very simple. So, don't think of reporting as a monumental task laden with drudgery. It's not.

Who must submit reports and when

If you are a chair, treasurer, or secretary of the Section, a society, or an affinity group, you must submit a report to the IEEE per the steps below within a reasonable time of conducting any new activity. If you are on an ad hoc committee or project team, then your report will be ad hoc and will be submitted directly to the Executive Committee. Otherwise, do it this way:

To submit your activity report:

  1. Go to
  2. Obtain the correct form.
  3. Fill it out.
  4. Send it to


To submit your financial report:

  1. 1. Go to
  2. Obtain the correct form.
  3. Fill it out.
  4. Send it to

Annual reports:

Annual Reporting Requirements

To maintain viability and to ensure that all geographic units are meeting the needs of their members, each unit is required by the Member and Geographic Activities Board to submit annual reports of the following items:

  • Meeting activity (L31). The minimum meeting requirements are 5 meetings for Sections and Subsections; 2 technical meetings for Chapters; 2 meetings for Affinity Groups. This information can be submitted online via the electronic L31 meeting report form
    Note: Section ExCom and Board meetings count toward the 5 Section meetings requirement.
    Note: Society and Affiliate Group ExCom and Board meetings count toward the Society and Affiliate Group 2 meetings requirement.
  • Current officers. Please use the online officer report form to report your new officers within your geographic unit. The form is available at:
  • For questions regarding officer reporting, please contact
  • Section and Council Treasurers are responsible for submitting the 2007 financial report for their Unit, and any subunits (Subsection, Technical Chapters and/or Affinity Groups), by 22 February 2008. Units submitting reports later than 31 March 2008 will not receive rebate payment for 2007 activity. If the Section or Council is unable to obtain financial records from a subunit, it may opt to submit a statement that the subunit has failed to submit a timely financial report and waive its right to a rebate for that particular subunit. Delinquent subunits may be subject to probation or even dissolution.

If all reports are submitted or postmarked by the February deadline, your Unit will earn an additional 10% bonus to the total rebate. However, if the information submitted is not complete or contains errors, and if corrections are not submitted within 60 days of a written request, the 10% bonus will be forfeited. The written request provided by IEEE will clearly state what action is expected, the date by which it must be submitted and the consequence if not submitted.



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