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We do not retain local copies of Region 5 forms, as that is a bad IM practice. Look for these forms at Region 5:

  • Expense Report
  • Financial Tracking

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Treasurer's Report

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Additional resources

See the BIC home page

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Viewing existing reports

It's very easy to do this.

Go to: and just follow the prompts.


Some history on reports

Each January/February, we used to scramble and panic to get information we should have had all along. As a result, people would send files several times, things get lost, feelings get hurt, etc.

At our EXCOM meetings, we used to devote huge chunks of that time to simply reading reports--rather than getting things done. But, reports are an essential--legally required--aspect of governance and due diligence. Every elected officer has a duty to know what's going on with activities and finances. But, reading reports to each other at the meetings is just not efficient.

In 2001, we went to an online reports depot hosted on our server. In 2004, we moved to the system linked to above. See here for the reports archive of the old reports.:



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